Schedules and Time

“You STILL haven’t started school?!?” – Every single one of my Ohio friends.

UW is one of those schools that’s on quarters when it seems the rest of the country is on semesters. In fact, it’s on a different schedule in a lot of ways–it seems it’s so ahead of the times on so many things… The things UDub offers as a university greatly exceeds anything I had ever seen on a college campus that I had either previously attended or toured. Everything here seems so wonderful–I’m so excited to get started in a program that’s going to shape me professionally, academically, and personally.

I feel like I myself am on a different time schedule: with essentially nothing to do each day, I attempt to find activities to fill my time. This is something I haven’t had to deal with for at least a few years– the past few summers have been filled with internships or jobs and traveling. In my activities void, I’ve turned to running heavily, increasing my mileage more than what I had done previously and exhausting myself in the best way possible. To combat that exhaustion, I frequent the many local coffee shops within walking distance of my apartment, drinking lattes and mochas and munching on pastries while I read book after book. Currently, I’m reading A People’s History of the United States: 1492 – Present, which is fascinating, albeit a little dry (it squeezes in a lot of History in its mere 600-some pages). Perhaps it’s me missing learning about history or it’s me energized about making academic advances towards my career goals, but I am suddenly drawn to history books for casual reading. It’s a little terrifying, being that I suddenly share casual reading interests with old men, but I’m also learning a lot, so I don’t really care.

While all of this has been nice, my summer has been approximately 4 months long, which is a little too much for someone who is accustomed to being at least a little busy (that’s an understatement). I need at least a semblance of routine back into my life! I feel I’m ready to start classes and work and dive into what will likely be an exciting and invigorating quarter! Until then, you’ll find me on the Burke-Gilman, drinking a latte, or snuggled up in my apartment with a book or two. …Or five.

x. M


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