A Sunny Seattle Afternoon

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was sunny, the sky was clear, and it warmed up just enough to be the perfect, comfortable temperature. Like all of Seattle does when the weather is nice, I was dead set on enjoying it.

My day started early by logging a few miles running on the Burke-Gilman Trail, a popular bike trail that loops through campus and links different parts of the city. It was a great way to see a different perspective of campus/the city while getting back into my running routine. Running here is entirely different than running in Ohio, however: the hills are insane in some areas, and everyone is so athletic-looking! Just being in this city makes me want to be a better runner, a better athlete. It’s remarkable.

After a lovely breakfast accompanied by local Washington peaches, I headed down to the University Village to do some window shopping and exploring. University Village is essentially a large, open-air shopping area, complete with a number of stores to fit anyone’s needs. I browsed through stores both familiar and new, amazed at how even the most familiar of stores could feel so different in a bigger city. I also paid a visit to the flagship store of Oiselle, a women’s running and activewear company that I particularly find empowering and inspiring. It was so great to see the wares of one of my favorite companies on the shelves instead of simply having to browse online (they finally opened this store–their first!–in University Village about 1-2 months ago). The store holds events and weekly group runs, which I will certainly attend at some point–I am definitely looking for running buddies, and if these women are as passionate about Oiselle and running as I am, I would certainly be in good company. The woman that worked there certainly I made me feel comfortable and welcome, and we even bonded over our love of Rogas and their various running tanks! I will most definitely be back, probably more than my bank account will be happy with! 🙂

The first of many pilgrimages to the Oiselle store. What a wonderful little space!

Saw this guy in Eddie Bauer, made me miss my little Bostie, Tux. Dogs are everywhere in University Village, it’s my idea of heaven! (Sorry for the poor image quality, iI was trying to sneak a shot without seeming too creepy to the owner…

After a morning of browsing, I headed back to my apartment for lunch, and then packed a bag and biked to Gas Works Park, where I vowed to sit outside on Kite Hill and read until the sun was dangerously close to having set. Gas Works Park is an old Gasification plant that has more recently been turned into a public park that overlooks Lake Union. Beyond the lake is the downtown skyline, so the park promises excellent views of the city. Many people of Wallingford, the neighborhood of Gas Works Park, gather on Kite Hill to fly kites, picnic, play guitar, take photos, or sit and enjoy the sunshine and splendid views. While sitting on my plaid blanket, I finished my most recent read, The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street, a surprisingly delightful light read I picked up from Target on a whim. It was a welcome change from all of the heavy history books I had been reading this summer. It tells the story of a feisty, energetic immigrant woman and her climb to fortune in the 20th century through the ice cream industry. It was a breeze to read, and had I had more time to commit to it, it would have taken me a lot less time to finish it, despite it being around 500 pages. Definitely an enjoyable novel, I would give it a B+ or an A- if I were a book reviewer.

My view while reading in Gas Works Park. Hi there, Space Needle!

Since then, I have been sitting in my apartment, working on getting organized and putting up decorations. My space is really starting to come together–it feels much more home-y and inviting! I can’t wait to show you all!

Here’s to more days like this one!

x. M


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