The Time is Now, The Day is Here!

One day more.

Tomorrow afternoon, my mom, my dad, and I will gather up our carefully packed suitcases and board a plane headed westward for Seattle, WA. I will say ‘see you later’ to my wonderful dog, my hometown, my home state, and everything I know, and will catapult, almost blindly, into a new life–new city, new state, new region, all very foreign and unfamiliar. Am I anxious? Certainly. Am I excited? You bet. Am I ready? We’re about to find out. Pacific Northwest, here I come!

I just finished having a phone conversation with my best college friend and sorority sister, K. We chatted about news in her life and my big flight tomorrow, laughing in our usual way and wishing for a time machine to transport us back to freshman year at John Carroll. It was so nice to hear a familiar voice before my trip–it certainly made me feel better in this anxious time. I cannot believe how much we’ve grown up, even in the past year since we lived together! I’m so thankful I have a friend like her who is always there despite the crazy swirling changes going on in our lives. It’s friends like these who remind me that I will be ok, that I will be supported down any path I choose.

More later–I have to go finish packing!

x. M


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