Weekend Wrap Up!

It’s Monday again, which means we’re all back to our weekly routine and I share some things I discovered this weekend! I had a great weekend getaway to Columbus, where I hung out with an old friend and revisited the city I lived in last summer for an internship! I had such a blast!

1. Stylecast’s 10 of Pinterest’s Best Hairstyles to Survive a Heat Wave

So, this past week the weather in Ohio has been just awful. It hasn’t been super hot, but the humidity has been out of this world–brought on by daily rainstorms. As a result, my hair has drastically suffered. I found this article on Pinterest to help deal with the heat and humidity that summer brings!

2. Huffington Post’s 12 Reasons Why Yoga is Spreading Around the World

June 21st was the first International Day of Yoga according to the United Nations. This article discusses bunch of reasons for Yoga’s spread, detailing the benefits of yoga and how it helps a number of people throughout the world! Give it a read if you’re an avid yogi, a curious first-timer, or if you’re simply wondering what those poses are all about!

3. Rent.com’s Five Things to Do Before Your Interstate Move

Another timely Pinterest find, this one is an informative list for twenty-somethings relocating after college, or even anyone who is making a big move! Provides some handy tips about packing and moving all of your stuff!

That’s all for now! Have a great start to your week!



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