Run Free

Yesterday, I read an article a former teammate shared on Facebook that begged the question, “Is it OK to Run in a Sports Bra?” The article centered around the conclusion that any reason women shouldn’t run in just a sports bra and shorts is utter garbage. While I completely agree with the premise of this article, I still found myself uneasy by its existence. I’ll admit it: I’m a sports bra runner myself. But even I have moments where I feel judged by the t-shirt-and-capris runner that I pass on the bike path near my house. However, this should not be. Why, in the name of Shalane Flanagan, are we worried about what people wear while running, let alone what we wear while logging some miles? 

Running, like other forms of exercise, is a somewhat uncomfortable activity. Runners push themselves on each trail, track, and road they encounter, moving out of their comfort zone to find their own personal strength. Running is an uncomfortable journey, despite how much we love it. Amid this lack of comfort, why would anyone want anything that would add even a hint of added discomfort? I run in a sports bra because it is comfortable for me. Sometimes the weather in Ohio is so humid and meltingly hot that running in as minimal clothing as possible is. However each person has a different level of comfort. The woman I pass in a t-shirt and capris is equally as comfortable in her own. We should not question each other, but instead allow the other to run free of discomfort or judgement.  It should not even be a question whether or not it is OK. It should just be. 


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