Weekend Wrap-Up!

It’s a new week, which means it’s time for another weekend wrap-up! Here are some things that caught my eye this weekend!

1. Cleveland Scene‘s 17 Cleveland-Inspired Tattoos


While I’m not personally a tattoo girl (needles freak me out, plus they’re so permanent!) I find them fascinating on other people. And while it may seem weird that people are getting Chief Wahoo tattooed on their bicep, the CLE pride is definitely something I can get behind! I especially love the one with the simple outline of the skyline. The city is truly full of proud Clevelanders, and I’ll always love that. 

2. Making my first Poshmark sale! 


Adding my signature, a paper crane, to the packaging of my jacket before shipping it off!


This weekend, I finally experienced success with the Poshmark app, which I mentioned in my post about Closet Cleaning. I sold my first item, which I was really excited about! It took a lot of work to market my Closet, but I’m afraid I’m addicted now! If you’re on Poshmark, comment below and I’ll give you a follow! 
That’s all for now! Have a good start to your week!

x. M


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