Closet Cleaning

Since moving home, I’ve spent a lot of time cleaning out my room and my closet, trying to get rid of unnecessary stuff and get my room organized before moving West. This has not proved to be an easy task, but I’ve learned a few things along the way. Here are some easy steps to having a clean, clutter free, and happy closet.

1. You’d think this goes without saying, but remove all the things you don’t wear or haven’t worn in the past year. Those jeans that don’t quiiiiite fit? Toss ’em. If you fit into that size eventually, you can go out and buy a new pair when you do. That sweater your aunt bought you that you haven’t worn since high school? It’s time for it to go.

2. Separate the clothes into two piles: donate and sell.

Sellable clothes are those that are gently-worn. Be honest with yourself: would people pay money to have these items? If not, they should go to the donate pile. The donate pile is clothes that are too old or too well-loved to sell.  These should go straight to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or some other thrift store or clothing donation site. 

3. Make some money off your sell pile. 

Whether this involves taking your clothes to your local consignment store or selling them on an app like Poshmark, it’s time to sell your used, but still-high quality clothes. This includes that shirt that your ex got you that you hate, that dress you only wore to a friend’s wedding, anything that you think still has monetary value. Sell it, and get cash to fill the void in your closet! 

4. Still can’t part with some sentimental items? 

I’ll admit it: I’m emotionally attached to some of my clothes, t-shirts especially! Lots of memories attached there… However, if you’re emotionally attached to any of your clothes but don’t wear them, the place for them is NOT hanging in your closet! In this case they belong in a box with other sentimental items, or crafted into something else! 

Turn your favorite t shirts from high school or college into a quilt! Find instructions here

Or, turn your favorite 5k t shirts into a tote bag, here

Or, make your favorite sassy t shirt into an apron, here

Phew! Your closet feels better already. 

x. M


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