Furnishing a Studio Apartment

A few days ago, I ventured to the mecca of reasonably-priced, practical furniture, IKEA, to begin to consider furniture for my studio apartment next year. I wanted to find sturdy, practical pieces that would not take up too much space, but would also be functional. This quest proved to be pretty successful, as furniture retailers are working to fit twenty-somethings’ needs, plus IKEA has plenty of experience furnishing small European apartments.

After this visit, I decided to peruse the Internet, looking for all of the furniture out there that would be practical in small living spaces. Here is what I found:

Everyone’s first priority: the bed. Beds should be comfortable, chic, and should provide a place to relax and unwind. In a studio apartment, the bed should also provide another function: it could serve as a couch, or provide additional storage. Here are some of the beds I found that combine function and comfort!

[Daybed with Storage] [Metal Daybed] [Double Bed with Storage]

A place for friends to gather for dinner. Or study. Or craft. Whatever you do, you’re going to want a table that will fit your needs! Also, using backless benches or stools to slide underneath the table to create more floorspace if you want an impromptu yoga session or need to stretch pre-run.

[White Dining Table] [Birch Dining Table] [Wood and White Dining Table]

[Red Stool] [White and Black Stool] [White and Wood Chair]

Fun and Functional Storage. Now, of course, you need a place to put all of your stuff! Of course, this doesn’t have to be drab. You can dress it up with baskets, trinkets, bookends, and all of your stuff.

[Cube Storage Unit] [Leaning Storage Unit] [Sideboard Storage Unit]


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