Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday! While you’re easing back into your weekday routine, here are some things I enjoyed this weekend that I’d like to share with you!

1. Shelby Mitchusson’s ASL version of Eminem Lose Yourself

As a former athlete, this song definitely speaks to me and brings back some pretty awesome memories (it’s on my pre-race playlist). However, Shelby Mitchusson’s ASL version gives it new life. I find ASL to be a beautiful language, and this takes it to the next level. She not only translates Eminem’s lyrics into sign language, but she also interprets them, and the combo is mind-blowingly fierce. Give it a watch!

2. Cut.com’s 100 Years of Beauty – Episode 7: India

I have been obsessed with all of Cut.com‘s 100 Years of Beauty, and this is their latest installment of that. I’ve always found Indian culture to be fascinating, colorful, and absolutely beautiful (it’s a gorgeous country), and this video celebrates all of this! The history of dress and costume is so fascinating. Check it out!

3. Laura Schwecherl’s Why I Ran A Marathon, Qualified for Boston, And May Never Race Again


Laura Schwecherl’s marathon story is not the inspiring, find-your-strength, soul-searching marathon training story we’re used to. But, to me, it is one of the most brutally honest ones out there, which is so refreshing. Through her story of the emotionally-draining, soul-sucking process of training for a marathon, she reminds us all how easy it is to lose sight of things when focusing on one said goal or target. It’s important to take a moment to remember why we do anything in this life, whether it be running, working for a dream career, going to school, etc., because that is what gives us the strength for the journey. So, make like Laura and run for the love of it (replace “run” with whatever fits your lifestyle). You’ll be glad you did!

x. M


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