Hellos and Goodbyes


Hello! This is my very first post on CLEtoSEA, a blog I hope to use to chronicle my joys, anxieties, events, antics, mishaps, growing pains, and everything in between as I pack up my things and move from Cleveland, Ohio to Seattle, Washington, the location of my new school and my new teeny-tiny studio apartment (it’s less than 500 square feet!). I cannot wait for this new adventure.

Before saying “Hello” to Seattle (which I will do officially in September), I first had to say “Goodbye” to Cleveland and the school I had learned to love most, John Carroll University. In my four years there, I had developed many friendships through being active in a sorority, the varsity track and field team, and other groups on campus that had become more like family to me. Saying goodbye to these people and these organizations was not an easy task, but luckily I had my senior-year housemate, A, to remind me of this quote: “It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.” I knew that I would always have these memories and friendships to call on, long after my days at JCU were over. However, as graduation came closer I realized (especially upon coming down with an unfortunate and untimely injury that cut my final track season short) that it was time for me to move forward from these activities, taking the good that came from them into my future.

As for saying “Goodbye” to Cleveland? I can’t say I’ll ever fully be done doing that. I think NEO (and Cleveland especially) will always be part of me. Cleveland has been doing big things lately, with the Cleveland Flea, the food scene  (also here & here), and–have you HEARD about the Cavs?! I’ve more or less turned into a closet fan lately, seeing what good a successful sports team can do to a city and cannot wait to see what this championship run will do. I’ll always be a Cleveland fan, rooting for the city in this renaissance it is experiencing. There’s a lot of hometown pride there.

I’ve never been one for risks, for doing things too far out of my comfort zone (though my comfort zone has been stretched through my years of dancing and running hurdles), but it’s time to give it a try. A John Carroll professor who is well-known on campus for his friendly demeanor stopped me in the hallway the not too long ago and commended me on my “courage.” He said that what I am doing is unusual for a graduate of John Carroll (most JCU grads stay in Cleveland or go back home) and that what I am doing is brave.

I’m not yet sure if it’s brave or crazy, but I can’t wait to find out!

x. M

P.S. Here is a photo of my graduation cap!


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